Sometimes we see a jacket (often an Irvin) that has seen serial abuse. This is one such.
It is almost beyond sensible repair as the sheepskin has been allowed to dry out and that, in conjunction with severely unsuitable repairs has wrought untold havoc on an already sad jacket. The patches were far too heavy for the sheepskin and in addition were glued down as well as sewn on.
This puts too much stress on the sheepskin which tends to tear along the stitch lines and the patches HAVE to be removed to save the structure. In addition to this the glue removes the surface of the sheepskin even if great care is taken when removing it
even the cut for the neck strap was glued over.
These are all the patches we removed before we could start work. There was no effort to make good the damage under them – they were simply glued and stitched.
The jacket belonged to the owner’s late uncle and he wants it “fixed” so we have agreed to treat it as a bit of a project - watch this space….