Storage of vintage kit is problematical - being made of natural materials they are vulnerable to attack by moulds and vermin and as they do not tend to be worn frequently they need to be stored in such a way as not to "sweat" . A bag or box should therefore be both proof against moth and beetle but also breathable but not allow ingress of mould spores. This is actually quite a tall order and we have hesitated to suggest a solution but we think we may have a reasonable proposal. We have (well, Gwen has) designed a two layer bag closed with two fine tooth zips. The outer layer of the bag is made of a close weave cotton fabric which is resistant to moth and beetle whilst being b oth durable and breathable (we are now using undyed calico of medium weight to avoid differences in dye lots) The inner layer is composed of conservation grade Tyvek1442 ™, a non-woven fabric used in protective clothing and museum storage solutions. This is breathable but should ensure that spores (or VERY TINY MOTHS) are unable to penetrate to your jacket or trousers whilst allowing the escape of water vapour - as long as there is a humidity gradient between the inside and a drier exterior) - don't put the garment in wet however - we don't do miracles and the laws of physics will disaprove :-)

The bag is fitted with two loops to make it easy to carry in use. These can also be used to hang the bag (full or empty) using either one or both, or for pulling the bag out of a cupboard or storage space without damage to the contents.


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