Do we ever get it wrong ? YES, of course we do. On occasion jobs will not get on to work sheets.
More (very) rarely we may simply get it wrong. Mistakes happen in any trade or profession.
But we will always move heaven and earth to ensure that any mistake on our part is rectified as quickly as possible.
Don't get mad, get back.


I REALLY need to remember to update this page....

Customer's comments on our work...

Most (but not all) of these comments (except the one which was a hand written letter and a couple of e-mails) are to be found on independently validated review sites -,, ,

Thank you so much John! Please pass on my thanks to Gwen too. The craftsmanship is absolutely amazing, I love how youíve restored the jacket and patched the coat. Youíve done an amazing job. Thanks again,

Giles, London September 2022

Jacket received. The standard of work on this is unreal... simply the best Iíve ever seen. You delivered exactly what I had pictured in my mind. Worth every penny. Very many thanks to all at Byson that worked on this. All the best, Al

Aleix, London April 2021

Hi John and Gwen

Thank you for an excellent repair to my G1 jacket. I am enjoying wearing it out and about in the spring sunshine.

Alan, London, April 2021

Just got my coat back and thought i needed to just say thank you. The attention to detail in matching in the old and new leather, getting the stitching just right, replacing the collar, relining in moleskin,.... not to mention the blessed belt...... and all the other stuff which i will not even notice....... top notch. Just a shame i couldn't pick it up myself and thank you in person..... So thankyou from one craftsman to another...... i feel sure it will now serve me for the next 30 years just as well as it has for the last.

Tim, Suffolk.March 2021

My leather racing 2 piece suit needed a whole host of things done to it to make it fit properly. John answered my questions and guided me all the way through. End result, I received my suit back and it fit great. FYI, I needed the thigh opened out, a substantial amount taken away above the knee, the waist brought in and the zip of the jacket to be made to fit again. Very pleased with the end result. WOould highly recommend Byson. Quality establishment. Just note, because they are so good. It takes 6 weeks to get your stuff back\u2026regardless of how nicely you ask/beg. SO plan accordingly.. 1st rate leather alterations. Use with confidence.

Chris, London August 2016

Had a couple of flying jackets needing repair. Byson repaired the neckline of a 1950s G1, and re-lined and fitted new cuffs to a tired M422a WW2 jacket. The work was of superb quality; especially the new lining which now looks totally original - the old lining was long gone so could not be used as a pattern. They are great folk to work with, and will definitely be getting my business in the future. (E-mail)

Brian N, Wirral, Jan 2016. And we are sorry it took so long Brian, but that lining was a s*#.

I had cuffs and waistbands replaced on an Eastman Leather G1 jacket.

Byson leather came highly recommended from a friend who had used them in the past, and that recommendation is fully warranted. Not cheap, but i'd rather pay a little for a decent job to be done.

I've since recommended them to others.

A great job done.


Martin B, London, September 2015

Really great and helpful. They have undertaken repairs on two pairs of heavy duty leather m/c trousers, quickly and efficiently, with the repairs blending seamlessly into the garment. Highly recommended - and I like the ride out to see them.

Martin S, London, September 2015

I bought a G1 jacket from ebay that had very sorry cuffs and a stretched waistband, my contacts with Byson were very good, I was able to deliver my jacket to discuss the work required. I had to rely on good old Royal Mail to deliver once the work had been completed. The delivery was prompt(overnight) Very pleased with the standard of the work and the costs were good, everyones jacket is treated individually so prices may vary. Will certainly use them if needed in the future and would recommend this company to anyone with a "dodgy" leather.
Thanks and well done Byson.

Dave, Pershore, August 2015

Very pleased with the work done on my motorcycle leather salopettes. They were "gapping" around the chest and the shoulder straps kept falling off. All sorted without fuss or bother. I would recommend these people and will use again - soon - to affix a zip to a textile jacket to connect to said salopettes!

Richard, Stevenage, July 2015

Always very accommodating with my repairs mainly to my leathers, but have repaired a gazebo and snowboard boots too.

Gordon, Henham, July 2015

I had two leather jackets repaired, one a WW2 Flying Jacket and one a 1960s motorcycle jacket. In both cases the jackets had family sentimental value. The work was good quality, done in a sensible time and for a fair price. It was also a pleasure to meet the couple who did the work.

Patrick, Coventry, June 2015

I took my bike jacket (textile) to Byson to have the main zip replaced. They did a fantastic job, you wouldn't know it was a replacement and I think it's a better zip than the original. They also re-proofed the jacket while they had it and that is *certainly* better than original. Just rode home in absolutely torrential rain tonight (several months later) and my top half was bone dry! Must get them to do my trousers, legs weren't so happy…!

Anna, London Colney, June 2015

Byson replaced zips on a Hein Gericke textile jacket for me. They did a good job at a reasonable price. I shall use them again if I need a repair in the future.

Michael, Stamford. June 2015

byson repaired my g3 flight jacket and attached a patch I had onto the jacket there work is excellent and very reasonably priced. I will be getting byson to attach a new zip on my a2 flight jacket and a new knit to the bottom of my g3. Very clued up about flight jackets to highly recommend byson.

David, Bishops Stortford, May 2015

Quick turn around and quality of work was to a good standard have used them twice for ww2 flying jackets.

Andy, Sheffield, May 2015

Great service - well done!

Ian, Cambridgeshire, May 2015

Went to visit them to get a new zip for my flying jacket as it had been languishing in the wardrobe for quite a few years due to the high quotes for repair.
We discussed different makes of zip and I went with his recommendation.
The job was completed in good time despite their being very busy.
Once more I went up to collect even though a mail service is available.
The quality of workmanship and care that went into my repair was exemplary. I would certainly recommend Byson to take care of your kit.

Stephen, Potters Bar, April 2015

A top quality job completed by lovely people.

Peter, Cambridge, April 2015

Quality work by Byson on resizing my old flying jacket. Fits and looks as it should do. Very good job and service to match.

Paul, Hedrtfordshire, March 2015

I wouldn't trust anyone else to work on my safety gear. High quality workmanship at a reasonable price.

Marcus, London, January 2015

An excellent job at a very, very reasonable price. The only disappointment was that it took several months to have the work done.

Your Response : Hands up Paul, it did indeed take us a long time. It was very complicated and we were sort-of making it up as we went along. If you ever need another done it would be faster. :-)

Paul, Herttfordshire, January 2015

They replaced a broken zip on a boot, and saved me a fortune replacing them. On top of that, they replaced a zip puller on my Dainese trousers for a couple of quid, rather than charge me the earth for a new zip. Key words - helpful. Friendly, excellent workmanship. Everything you need. , Id say!

Jim, Hitchin, November 2014

Superb repair on a flying jacket of great sentimental value…A repair that the manufacturers at Thruxton were not interested in undertaking. Great service and great price.

John, Hindhead, November 2014

The work done on my flying jacket was just what I wanted, i cant fault it. Thank you Byson.

Stephen, Southall, October 2014

Had a Furygan jacket and jeans with different connecting zips, had the jacket changed to suit the jeans, lovely job, would recommend them.

Paul, Welwyn Garden City, June 2014

've been looking for Byson for the last 20 years! My constantly used 27-year old leather jacket and leather jeans were both in need of some sensitive handling to reduce the amount of ventilation. Leaving my jacket with them was nerve-wracking but I needn't have worried. They estimated before they laid a needle on it. Their work is neat to the point that most of it is invisible. The only bit that vaguely shows is the patch where I had a hole that couldn't be stitched closed. Very skilled, very sympathetic to the original material. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Bernadette, Hemel Hempstead, June 2014

Dear sirs
I cannot thank you enough for the fantastic repair on my leather jerkin that had a long tear, it is better than the original.
I will certainly recommend Byson for leather repairs.

Brian, Ditton, June 2014

Hi.I have had two sets of Textile trousers modified by Byson's this year, and in both cases, the work was top class. I can heartily recommend this company.

John, St Albans, June 2014

Did a great job and nice to deal with.

Jim, Cambridge, May 2014

I had some work done on a pair of trousers - I was really impressed with the finished product (very professionally done), the turnaround time was really great and the price (extremely good value for money). I'd have no hesitation in recommending Byson. I’ve used them on a couple of occasions now and will be using them again!

Alistair, Royston, May 2014

Pleased with the results and cheaper than the competition. I will use again and would recommend them to friends.

Nigel, Sudbury. May 2014

Presented Byson with an Irvin that was shoddily overpatched where the back shoulders were blown. The main zip had a new plastic YKK zip poorly fitted, and numerous items of stitching needed redoing. Three weeks later, I was extremely pleased to get it back, with main zip replaced with an original, sympathetic sheepskin repairs and all stitching done. The jacket was conditioned and is now very wearable. I am very satisfied with the work Byson did, and would not hesitate to entrust them with similar items. Well done, and thanks!

David, Bromley. April 2014

Had a brand new leather Belstaff motorbike jacket with extra long arms shortened, brilliant job, wouldn't know the jacket had been altered. Really liked the consultation to discuss what options were available for alterations before any work was carried out.

Nicola, Gravesend. April 2014

Incredible repairs. A2 Jacket, new lining, pocket repairs, new cuffs and waistband This jacket is 24 years old and looks like new. G1 Jacket, new mouton fur collar, lining repair, inner pocket repair. Again restored to excellent condition. Shearling Sheepskin Flying Jacket, both sleeves badly damaged in an accident, repaired so cleverly the patches look as if they are part of the originalIncredible repairs. A2 Jacket, new lining, pocket repairs, new cuffs and waistband...... This jacket is 24 years old and looks like new. G1 Jacket, new mouton fur collar, lining repair, inner pocket repair. Again restored to excellent condition. Shearling Sheepskin Flying Jacket, both sleeves badly damaged in an accident, repaired so cleverly the patches look as if they are part of the original jacket construction. Byson repairs are simply magic!!

Jerry, Royston. April 2014

Had 2 ww2 Irvin jackets repaired by Byson. The workmanship was superb bringing back the original look and feel to the jackets and ensuring many more years of use... Highly recommended. 

Ian, Cambridge, Feb 2014

Most impressive work had my flying Jacket altered piece put in both sides. Owing to fact it had got too small for me. Also had sleeves taken up and I also needed to have it made a bit longer. A am thrilled with the work that has been carried out and would be happy to recommend to anyone.
Very good service in every way.

L Timms. , Berkshire, Feb 2014

Sent my sons favourite g2 us navy jacket to Byson for overhaul. It was in a complete stae of ruin. Ripped and torn and shredded. It came back in immaculate condition. Still totally authentic as the old service jacket it was but now totally useable as a classic. My son could not believe it! Says he owes me! Well he really owes Byson! 

Richard, Tonbridge, Feb 2014

Hi again. Just a quick mail to thank you for the super job you made of replacing the zip in my Smarty leather jacket. Looks and wears great and was very quickly returned to me. Pretty rare to get such a high quality of service these days!

Many thanks again.

Manny, Dorchester, November 2013.

Byson were really exceptional in what they did. I had a WWII flying jacket that needed quite a bit of restitching and repair, they did it quickly and very neatly - it's really hard to see where the repairs are it's so good. They went through what they had done to the jacket in detail, and were really friendly...even when I managed to gatecrash in during lunch hour! Friendly, great service, Highly Recommended

Giles, SE21, September 2013

Just to report my gauntletts arrived today and you  have done an excellent job - many thanks indeed.  I can see I shall have to keep my son away from them as he was already an admirer.  This will give me something to look forward to in the winter.

Peter, Kings Norton, September 2013

Just recieved my 1950's steerhide Cafe Racer jacket that had developed a hole in the elbow and desperatley required a re-line. The quality of work is unbelievable, so seamless I struggled to locate the repair on the elbow, and the turnaround was quick too. I have other items that need repair and after this level of service and pricing I needn't look anywhere else, Thanks to John and everyone else involved.

Martin, Horwich, April 2013

Byson altered a two piece Dainese set of leathers that were hanging off me after I had lost some weight. They now fit brilliantly - just like they are custom made. Highly recommended. Great service.

WestonReviewer, Weston-super-mare, April 2013.

Quality workmanship at a reasonable price. The location and staff are slighty 'different' but they are seriously good at what they do. They will have my custom again.

Pete, Shefford, April 2013

I would recommend these guys to anyone looking for leather alterations. They have just cleaned, repaired and altered a one piece suit for me very quickly and to an excellent standard. I also had a long winter coat altered by them and was very happy with the service. They are very friendly and know their stuff.

Pauline, Cleavdon, April 2013

Collected my ex-police leather jacket yesterday. New back panel and epaulettes removed. Thanks for a brilliant job. Top quality workmanship at a reasonable price. You will have my custom again. Thoroughly recommended.

Pete, Shefford, April 2003

We have used Byson in the past to replace zips and poppers on bike trousers/jackets. We've often bought gear at end of season bike rallies, so it's difficult to return to original supplier of goods. Byson do a grand job. They also put new buckles on saddle bags for our virago bike. The work is always explained, and costs outlined before going ahead. We'll use again in the future i'm sure.

Beverley, Soham, March 2013

I had a casual vintage leather jacket and a leather bike jacket altered. The quality of workmanship was superb, the value exceptional and the turnaround very fast. I cannot recommend Byson highly enough.

Tony, Buntingford, Feb 2013

They mended the zip in a pair of leather fashion boots for me. An excellent job at a very reasonable price. I had to send the boot in the post and they kept me updated about the work and posted it back on completion. Always easy to contact when necessary and courteous and professional to deal with

Clare, Poole, Feb 2013

A fabulous service indeed - they helped me out, even when BMW wouldn't. I've a great BMW Atlantis 2 piece suit - and it's seen it's fair share of action. Unfortunately for BMW, the Zips are rubbish! Thanks to the team at Byson, All of my zips have been replaced by tougher units. They even managed to repair a little tear in the flexible panel from an "off" I had. Well worth the time and effort for such a wicked service. I can't recommend Byson highly enough!

Stuart, St Albans Feb 2013

"Perfect. I took three leather jackets that needed repairs and alteration. All done at a fair price and in good time. Very nice workmanship too. The best thing for me was that Byson understand what was needed and knew how to do it."

Ian, Epping, Feb 2013

My brother-in-law wanted me to thank you for the work on the gun slip. He noticed the work you did to the inside of the slip, as well and has said it is better than new. Coming from a Scots man that is praise indeed.

Tom, Barkway, 21 December 2012

I had a 14 year old wax coat, worn and battered. After a re-wax and near perfect invisible repairs I have a jacket that I am happy to wear. Great service and highly recommend them.

Geoff, Sutton Courtnay, 24 Nov 2012

The attention to detail that Byson Leather give is what you rarely see theses days. They listened to exactly what I wanted executed it perfectly kept me up dated and arranged further fittings along the way to ensure I got the perfect fitting leathers unlike where I purchased them originally well done to Byson Leather I would reccomend them to all my friends some are now actually clients. If you want repairs or alterations done to leather goods then the only word you need is BYSON.

Kevin, Great Dunmow 25 August 2012

Trousers of a donated motorcycle suit were far to large for me and needed taking in almost everywhere. The work carried out by Byson was to a very high standard. Measuring me up included questions regarding the type of motorcycle I preferred to ride and by preferred posture when riding. I would have no hesitation in using their services again.

Ian, Wolverhampton. August 2012

Its always a pleasure to deal with people who know what they are talking about and back up their words with real service. These guys initially repaired a heavy leather jacket, then the missus had them sort out a leather bag and purse (damaged zips) and they are now replacing the zips in a pair of Jeffery West boots. First class!!

Mike, Hertford August 2012

Byson did some repairs on my Irvin WW II jacket. I can say this, without hesitation: It was perfect! The repairs were outstanding, the price was very modest and, best of all, the service was mindblowing! I had tons of " stupid" questions that John replied to very fast and very patiently! I wouldn't hesitate for a second to use the outstanding service of Byson again! Couldn't be happier! Kind regards

Mike from Sweden, August 2012

Excellent friendly service given by people who know motorcycle clothing. If you want a quality job, you now know where to go. First class all round old school service. Well done.

Paul, Welwyn, July 2012

Exellent alteration's carried out to a well known make,(which should have been made correctly first time round). Very helpfull and very reasonable with price & very good communication. Top quality work, Highly recomended. Many thanks

GD Saffron Walden May 2012

I presented an unusual problem and one that I have suffered for years, my right hand is a lot bigger than my left (lymphodeomia) and finding bike gloves has been an ongoing problem, if not impossible. I sent John a pair of standard gloves with sizes of my 2 hands (I live in Scotland so they were not able to actually take measurements themselves which would have been better for them) and I received them back this week. They are a perfect fit and the workmanship is outstanding, you can't tell which was the original glove/stitching from the alterations. I can't thank them enough.

Russ, Aberdeen May 2012

Just to let you know that the leather jacket arrived today and the workmanship was absolutely first class. Thanks again for your excellent professional service; this is the third jacket you have altered for me because of my fundamentally awkward shape and each one has been a work of art. Thanks again.

Dick Verrier April 2012 (e-mail)

Just wanted to say that I have been extremely impressed with the service provided and will certainly recommend you to others.

Regards Philip Willmer November 2011

Dear Byson, Just wanted to say a big thank you for putting a new zip in my Schott jacket and for shortening the sleeves. The new zip is are the sleeve alterations. It is impossible to see where the new stitching has taken place. The neatest and best workmanship on leather I have ever seen. I have a collection of military leather flying jackets and leather helmets...some of which need repairs. Because of their rarity and value I have not as yet trusted anyone to repair them. However, now I have discovered Byson...I will certainly be bringing them to you in due course for repair. Thanks again for a very friendly, quick and perfect service.

Regards, Graham Aindow Hainault Essex. October 2011

When I started motorcycle racing I needed a pair of one piece leathers altered to fit. The guys at Byson did this, and delivered a well finished result on schedule and for a very reasonable price. Highly recommended

Greg Gladwell July 25 2011

Can you please add the following text to the review page of your website for me.

"I have a 1960's US Air Force nylon L-2B flying jacket that was in very poor condition. The knitted collar, cuffs and hem were completely in tatters and the cotton sateen lining had shrunk making it too small to wear. The jacket needed some attention and the shell was too good to scrap and that was all it basically was, a shell. I searched the internet and all I got from companies I contacted was that they couldn't repair it and other lame excuses, that was before I found Byson Leather. Byson not only sourced the correct specification materials but repaired the jacket to a standard that even I can't tell it's been a repair job and all stitching is even through the original holes with not one out of place! I can now wear the jacket in the knowledge that it is a totally original cut, style and materials. Outstanding work and friendly to deal with, thank you Byson I will definitely use your services in the future."


Alexis Smith 23 July 2011

My WW2 Irvin flying jacket was restored by the people at Byson. Several rips and tears were expertly repaired, the missing main zip slider was replaced as well as several pieces of metalwork. The jacket leather was also treated and cleaned. I was very impressed by Byson both by their knowledge and skill in restoring this jacket.

Robert White 18 July 2011

Byson note: What we do is really repairs rather than claim to do restoration. Having said which, a really good repair should be pretty much indistinguishable from restoration. We do not however guarantee total authenticity as a restorer would. (In our opinion)

Being of an unfortunate non-standard size and living miles from Byson the detail of my alterations were discussed by phone & email. The service and professionalism could not be faulted;a truly great company which I have no hesitation in recommending.( And I am a fussy old fart!!!)

Dick Verrier 22 March 2011

A jacket packet repair - discussed by email, posted to them, kept me fully up to date including pictures. Excellent price, excellent work and prompt return back. Altogether a first class transaction and only a shame I don't tear jackets weekly. Highly recommended!

Kevin Griffin 9 Feb 2011

Repair to textile trousers and alteration to leather jeans both completed to an excellent standard at a fixed price and completed exactly on the quoted day. Will never go any where else.

Gary Smith 28 Dec 2010

Excellent new talon zipper fitted perfectly on ww2 b3 jacket no over stitching , a highly processional job,ian plymouth.

Ian Reilly 4 Nov 2010

customer care at its highest,others in service/retail industry should make notes,fantastic service and very helpful and flexible,i tell all my clients and friends about BYSON

Simon Chandler 23 Sep 2010

2 jobs - significant alteration to custom 1-piece leathers, and zip replacement on textile luggage - both for very reasonable price and to very high quality indeed. I'd entrust any leathers to these guys any day. Highly recommended.

Nick Anderson 31 August 2010

My partners leathers were a right mess. Byson did a brilliant job and for a reasonable price too. Highly recommend them. Would use again, although hoping we won't need to !

Karen 25 August 2010

Very satisfied. Gave supply of Byson Cards to my local M/cycle shop and recommended them to a fellow biker in there who coincidentally needed some leather repairs.

Clifford Joy 21 August 2010

I had my 2 piece leather suit made bigger. The quality of the work and overall appearance of the suit was excellent. I would recommend Byson to anyone!

Emma Whittaker 27 July 2010

I had some leather jeans altered at the bottom - the work was outstanding - you can't tell they've been altered.

Karen Brown 27 July 2010

Had some patches put on a waistcoat, their were some on it already, they were all removed, lining restored and put back on. First class job, great friendly service, very quick turnaround, well done, will certainly use again, many thanks

Paul Hutchins 06 July 2010

I had the arms on my jacket shortened and there isn't much more i can say that the other reviewers haven't already said. Im very happy & I will be using Byson again in the future!.

Phil Mann 15 May 2010

Simply superb repair job on my motorcycle boot, speedy too. They even replaced a few of the screws FOC. I will definitely be using them again should I need any repairs done.

Julian Guest, 20 April 2010

Very fast turn around for my leather repairs, many thanks John, they came today (and look lovely)

RGB, Dorset 8 April 2010

There is not a lot to say about Byson, great friendly service. I will certainly use them again when needed.

David Mansfield 01 April 2010

Neat and speedy - Had all but given up hope on getting my leather gloves repaired but found Byson in our local listings magazine. Fast, friendly service and extremely neat stitching. Have already recommended their services to a friend. My only comment is that if the cost is going to be more than originally quoted - a call/email first would be preferable than being faced with a higher than expected bill. Other than that great !

Helen G 30 March 2010


Fair comment. In our defense, it seemed silly to repair the thumb and leave the two fingers with holes in when we had the glove apart. We are not talking a lot of money here.

' Wot can I say, an excellent job putting 2 heavy duty zips in my Sidi boots, will sing your praises to all who will need repairs '

Sean, LTS Recovery 25 Feb 2010 (e-mail)

I cannot recommend Byson enough. It's enough to find a company who can do what you want at the right price but you get all this plus a wonderful sense of humour as well as courteous efficiency! They repaired my leather flying jacket which I've had since the early 80s. It was in need of quite a lot of repair including replacement of complete sections of fabric as well as patching and re-stitching. It really is better than new now and as I got it back just as this weather closed in I haven't had it off my back since!

John Osborne 7 Jan 2010

Byson undertook two leather repairs for us and produced a new seat cover for a piece of of furniture - great quality, great value.

Andy H 3 Jan 2010

Byson replaced some defective velcro on a pair of SIDI vertebra motorcycle boots for me. Without the repair they would have been useless for the winter and I would have been looking at £150-200 for a new pair. £8 and a day later the repair was complete. The boots seal properly and the repair is invisible. Brilliant service, incredible work, thanks very much.

Kevin Luxford 4 Nov 2009

Hi folks,

The jacket has been delivered and I am very pleased with the alterations undertaken - you've done an excellent job. I will have no hesitation in recommending you to my friends - the job was carried out very efficiently and I thank you for your fast and friendly service. Best regards to you both - good luck for the future!

Niall Stewart, Isle of Lewis. 13 October 2009

First we had a brand new bike jacket adjusted to fit. The quality of work was so good you would not know it had been modified, have now had more items adjusted and would highly recommend. Very good value for money.

Ellis Rich 20 Sep 2009

I've had two jobs done by Byson, my one piece leathers have had some lettering added (for vanity) and an ill fitting back protector has been adjusted to fit like a glove, great value, service and quality. I wouldn't go anywhere else in future.

Gary Adnit 16 Sept 2009

My zip was replaced and a good job was done quickly and efficiently. I would not hesitate to use them again.

Christopher Gibbons 01 September 2009

These folks are awesome. Took them a hein G jacket that was now way too big thanks to sorting my eating habits out and it came back a perfect fit and you just would never know they took 4 inches out of the back and totally removed the sleeves & lifted them at the shoulders. I also couldn't believe the price these folks are very, very good

Mick Rawson 23 August 2009

I found these very friendly people via my local bike shop in Harlow. I delivered the jacket to them on a Thursday , I got a phone call Friday evening saying it was ready. The cost of a new zip and rabbit nibbled short belt... £42 , that's kept my £400 Wolf jacket going for years to come..thanks very much.

John Vogel 18 July 2009

Had a nice lancer style jacket which was erm a bit tight - actually the jacket was fine, it was me that wasn't if you get my drift ! After a friendly chat with John and Gwen about what was possible and showing me other jackets I left it in Gwen's more than capable hands. I collected a much loved friend which had been subtly let out without spoiling the original shape and a bonus, a much better zip and under arm mouse damage repaired - yes mouse damage ! What you get from BYSON is friendliness, a fair price, Gwen's pedigree of high quality workmanship and you could tell John and Gwen get real pleasure in seeing a customer walking out pleased. You wont go wrong with BYSON !

Greald Page 15 July 2009

I needed some patches sewing to my leather waistcoat and BYSON quoted me a very reasonable price. Rather than put the waistcoat in the post I arranged a time and rode over to BYSON where the patches were sewn on there and then - I even got a cuppa while I was waiting! I wouldn't hesitate in recommending them to anyone else and having seen what they can actually do in the way of repairs or one-offs I'm sure I'll use them again.

Lynne Scotten 11 July 2009

Wonderful service and will recommend highly on race days thanks again nick

Nick Ledingham. 1 July 2009

Hello John , just to say thank you for the repair , you've saved me quite a few pounds , the jacket should last for another 10 years ..cheers ..Jon

Johathan Vogel 21 June 2009

I've had my touring and racing leathers altered by Byson, superb work, reasonable prices & friendly people. Can't recommend highly enough.

Gordon Maxwell 5 May 2009

Exceptional personal service and quality. A rarity to find in this day and age. Would have no problem in recommending to anyone.

Richard Woolener 28 April 2009

This company were a real gem, refreshingly good customer service and helpfulness, a speedy turn-around at my request (quicker than estimated actually), we had a zip replaced in some motorbike trousers and a slight alteration carried out. The service was professional but very friendly. I would definitely recommend them.

Rachel Sarah Martin 12 April 2009

Dear John, The leathers are perfect, better than we hoped for, have had lot's of interest in the paddock and have passed your cards on, if only everyone in motor racing said what they could do and, then actually did it.

Kevin Morgan 8 April 2009

I needed all the zips replaced on my Berring leather jacket, and have a pocket redone. When I got the jacket back, it was if I had gone and bought a new one! Not only had the work I had asked for, been carried out to perfection, but the jacket was cleaned and looked the same as it did when I carried it out of the shop 4 years ago.

Colin Fraser 10 Mar 2009

I asked for a completely bespoke pair of motorcycle pannier liners. There was an exchange of emails discussing requirements and design. The items arrived not long afterwards. The service was friendly, helpful and efficient.

Mike Sasonow 9 Mar 2009

Have just got back from Manila, and it is here, safe and sound Looks like a vintage designer item now , lovely workmanship, with pockets that would hold sand. You’ve transformed a smelly old wreck into something that looks like a new, but professionally “ distressed” jacket. It’s perfect , and I’m very grateful!

Janet Walmsley - 13 Feb 2009

Happy customer!

Peter Willmington - 4 Nov 2008

Cheers Matie, I'll be back soon for the rest of my wardrobe

Antony Vaughan - 4 Nov 2008

I thought the whole level of service was great. The work undertaken was really good and completed very quickly. The charges were also very reasonable and i would certainly recommend to friends and would use again. Two wonderful friendly people who know what they're talking about. Thank you

Kim Dalby - 15 Sep 2008

Byson carried out some repairs and alterations to my leather waistcoat. The quality of their work, customer service and value for money were second to none and I would not hesitate to use them again myself nor fair to recommend them to friends

Andy Langton - 19 Aug 2008



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