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This is a price GUIDE only and assumes a "worst case scenario". We don't really like doing "from" prices as these can be deceptive. Please call us for an estimate. The final price can only be reached once we have finished but we will try to stay as close to estimate as possible. You will not pay more than the listed price unless something completely unforeseen is found. If we find something of this nature you will always be informed before you incur any extra cost.

Every job is different and has to be priced accordingly. ALL OUR WORK IS DONE TO RACE QUALITY unless specifically requested by the customer.

Payment: We cannot accept credit or debit cards as the card providers charge us for the privilege and we are not allowed to pass that charge on to the VERY small number of clients who wish to pay in that way. We COULD raise all our prices to cover the eventuality that a vanishingly small number of our customers want to pay by card but we have decide simply to cease taking card payment. We can accept cheques made out to JP or GJ Warr, cash, postal orders or direct payment to our bank (details on request). We can also take payment by Pay Pal (again, details on request) BUT PLEASE can you ensure that we receive the invoiced sum.

Repairs can be accommodated by post or courier, alterations will require a personal visit. None of our prices include postage & delivery.


There is a separate guide to prices for work on RAF Irvin kit & US flight jackets here...


Prices WEF Jan 1 2023


  leg zip (long) £55.60 joining zip long (1/2) on leather £55.60  
  leg zip (short) £48.10 joining zip long (1/2) £48.10  
  fly zip £48.10 arm zip £48.10  
  New waist elastic ( £15 when doing joining zip) £55.60 front zip £67.40  
  joining zip long (1/2) £48.10 shorten arm at bottom £55.60  
  shorten leg from bottom £55.60 shorten at upper arm from £71.00 to £104.80  
  shorten leg above knee from £71.00 £104.80 lengthen arm at bottom £55.60  
  lengthen leg at bottom £66.30 lengthen arm at forearm £104.80  
  lengthen leg above knee £110.20 shorten body at bottom £83.40  
  take in sides £83.40 shorten body other £110.20  
  let out sides £110.20 lengthen body at bottom £110.20  
  Taper trouser, 2 seam £48.10 lengthen body other £139.10  
  Taper trouser, 4 seam £77.00 take in body (and top of sleeve) £83.40  
  let out inside legs £83.40 let out body (and top of sleeve) £104.80  
  take in waist £55.60 take in body £62.00  
  let out waist £83.40 let out body £77.00  
  take in seat £40.60 take in arm £83.40  
  let out seat £55.60 let out arm £110.20  
  take in crotch £40.60 new collar £55.60  
  let out crotch £55.60 double leather elbow £83.40  
  Take up seat £50.20 double leather shoulder £55.60  
  double leather in seat £55.60 double leather back £55.60  
  double leather in knees £55.60 standard re-line (own fabric) £101.60  
  add stretch panel at knee £85.60 re-line satin / Coolmax £127.30  
  add Kevlar panel at crotch £67.40 re-line treviera £110.20  
  add Kevlar panel behind knee £88.80 re-line quilted satin (Byson custom) £197.90  
  knee slider velcro £55.60 convert 2-piece suit to 1-piece £279.20  
  re-line satin / Coolmax £0.00      
      Clean £34.20 £71
      Clean & condition, #2 (jkt) £52.40 £90
      Clean & condition #1 (jkt) £47.00 £79
  ONE PIECE SUITS   Clean & re-proof waxed cotton jacket. £35.30  
  Clean & condition £35.30 GENERAL    
  OTHER GARMENTS   pocket zip £48.10  
  Leather greatcoat re-line (basic) £125.10 complete joining zip short £62.00  
  Leather overcoat take up £62.00 complete joining zip long £88.80  
  Fashion leather jkt. Take in sides, lift shoulders £101.60 pocket lining £48.10  
  Clean & re-finish ("Winter service") £83.40 studs £7.40  
  Leather dressing Pecard 6 oz £11.70 straps per inch £4.20  
  Leather dressing GCW 60ml £8.50 Buckles. Cost of buckle + £8.50  
  Leather dressing Byson #1 60 ml £8.50 buttons £8.50  
      Patching. Depending on location £8.50  
      Re-stitching £8.50  
      lettering, per letter, plain £8.50  
      lettering, per letter, shadowed £11.70  
      Badges (normal size) £8.50  


Boot zip prices.

As we no longer do boot zips we have to take them elsewhere. And elsewhere entails transport costs. As long as we donít pay thre driver for his time it works out a little cheaper than using a budget courier but it still works out expensive. Obviously it is more cost effective to take several boots over at a time and we will normally sit on boots until we have three or more but if you are in a hurry we will obviously run a single boot (or a pair ) over for you. Turn around is about 10 days. Cost is something along these lines:

1 boot £81.60
2 boots £69.60
3 boots £65.60
4 boots £63.60
5 boots £62.40


And this...

Multiple jobs are often significantly less expensive than indicated above.
For instance, a single pocket re-line is (maximum) £40.00, but any subsequent re-line done at the same time will only cost £15.00 ea.

This would also apply where other work is involved. It all depends on the design of the garment. Talk to us.
*Please note that due to the way they are made some one piece suits are very time consuming to shorten or lengthen, if they have a single stretch panel running down the flanks and across the small of the back.
We have to remove the front and or rear panel, shorten them and then shorten the stretch panel from the top. The lining then has to be altered to match. Then the whole sheebang has to be put back together. This is the only way to do this whilst retaining both the strength and comfort of the garment. This can increase the cost quite considerably (up to £200 max) but as always we will do our best to keep the price down whilst maintaining quality.

Jacket linings: we can usually use your existing lining as a pattern for the replcement BUT if you lining is in very poor condition (or, indeed, missing altogether) we will have to draw a new one and this is a 4-5 hour job so we will have to charge for this at £12.00 per hour.

** If you are buying a garment, be it jacket, 2 piece or 1 piece, which you KNOW is not going to fit, bear two things in mind. Firstly, we can make things smaller within reason, but bigger is harder and is more expensive if it can be done at all. Secondly, the more panels and seams there are involved, the more expensive the job will be. Prices for shortening and lengthening given above are baseline and apply to simple, practical designs.

Prices for let-out alterations to textile MC clothes can be as much as double the above due to the multiple layers involved.

ANY kit with bonded or sewn in armour may carry a surcharge of up to £30.00 as it can be VERY time consuming to repair or alter, depending upon what needs to be done.

REGRETTABLY WE HAVE TO LEVY A SURCHARGE FOR WORK ON FEATHER FILLED ARTICLES. This is due to some of our employees & customers being allergic to feathers necessitating very strict control over cross contamination, resulting in jobs taking longer than similar work on non-allergenic materials.

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