BYSON LEATHER carry out repairs and alterations to clothing Byson Logoof all kinds, including motorcycle gear (both leather and textile). In fact we can tackle anything from a ball gown to a horse blanket. Though not at the same time or on the same machine.Smiley Over the years we have increasingly specialised in vintage flying kit and carry out work on modern reproduction kit as well as wartime originals. Some of the manufacturers of these reproduction recommend us for alterations - they simply don't have the time to carry them out and manufacture is NOT the same as alteration. We SPECIALISE in alteration and repair.

For ordinary (fashion / street) clothing we have a web site here

We can repair classic & reproduction flying kit for instance. (See "About leathers" below). Equestrian and other sporting apparel (including waxed cotton) can also be repaired or altered.

We have a stock of genuine wartime hides for the repair of RAF (Irvin) flying jackets / flight suits. BUT the colour(s) we have are the colours we have. Time on these jackets can be a problem, as we have to clear the workshop to work on them (the fur gets EVERYWHERE), and motorcycle kit tends to get priority. Note however that we carry out functional REPAIRS on such garments. We don't do museum quality restoration, which is a very different thing and not something we feel qualified to do.

Prices for work on vintage & reproduction flying kit can be found here...

We can provide custom artwork on leathers and also custom work on jacket linings etc. You can provide your own artwork, or we can work with you to achieve your own individual look. Examples on the "Our work" page. For repairs we can work by post or courier. For complex alterations we are probably going to need your body. We have found that no amount of home measurement is as good and if this is the ONLY way you can go, we can't guarantee anything. For complicated alterations, more than one visit may be needed to attain the best result. Coffee and biscuits are free :-) We can do some jobs "whilst you wait" but as this usually involves reorganizing other work we have to surcharge for this at £10.00. Very sorry but it can mess up our schedule something rotten. But... it will save you a trip.
If needed we may be able to lend you kit whilst yours is being worked on.
We are situated in Hertfordshire, UK, between Royston and Ware, and close to the Silver Ball Cafe, a well-known biker meeting place on the A10.

Our customers
are situated anywhere between The Isle of Lewis and Cornwall.
And Toronto, Ontario. See our customer comments page for a "feel" for our service.


Please note - T&Cs. and other information - payment details, some Frequently Asked Questions etc, are HERE and we strongly suggest reading them.
Hours of business: 08:30 to 17:30 Mon. to Friday. From Easter 2017 we will no longer work on Saturday.
We close from 13:00 to 13:30 for lunch.
Other times ( if you can only come to us out of the above hours) by appointment. Please call to arrange fittings etc.

Please note that due to the number of scammers out there BYSON do NOT buy advertising by telephone.

Sadly we can no longer do boot work.
We don't make leathers, and due to a severe allergy, we can't handle feather or down filled goods or garments. Work on 1 piece leathers has had to be severely restricted.




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Since 01 Sept 2008

Hours of business
Monday to Friday 08:30 am to 5:30 pm

Closed for lunch 1:00pm to 1:30pm
Other times by appointment.

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